Recycling Has Gone Local

Posted on December 20, 2011 ยท Posted in PK Metals Blog

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At PK Metals, we take pride in our commitment to our community, and our employees are involved in local organizations and charities. With all of the talk about globalization in the scrap metal recycling industry, it is easy to forget the simple things each of us individually can do to help the environment and the economy.

The scrap metal recycling industry can be a great way to judge the strength of the economy. Our industry generally has a 6 month lead time for the economy. Our industry can be a great resource for local businesses as they attempt to get a grip on the economic outlook. At our office, we encourage business owners, contractors, and members of our community to come by our facility to learn more.

As I mentioned in my column regarding our retail recycling business, with the holidays around the corner, there will be plenty of cardboard and paper products lying around the house. Materials that contain metals, such as aluminum, copper, iron, etc, can be recycled and reused at a scrap metal recycling facility. The price will depend on how much the metal is worth in the markets on that day.

A beneficial project for your neighborhood can be to collect all of the cardboard boxes that have been accumulated during the holiday season, and bring them to a scrap metal recycling facility. It may not seem like a lot in your one household, but an entire community can really have an impact on the environment by recycling all of the cardboard.

Are you going to be attending an office party, where hundreds of people will be using plastic bottles and aluminum cans? Take a minute to think about the impact you can have if all of those plastic bottles and aluminum cans from your office can be brought to a recycling facility, where they can be recycled and reused in a responsible manner. You can make a difference, and you can start today.

Earlier this month, there have been reports that there are currently 7 billion people on Earth. Overseas markets, with their population explosion, have kicked off a massive construction effort. The question that scrap metal recycling executives ask themselves every day is: What are we doing to do with all of these materials? Fortunately, for the United States, the demand for recycled materials overseas has been a catalyst for job creation in the scrap metal recycling sector in the United States.